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In which of the following are the rules of the United States written?
a) inauguration
b) Democratic Party
c) Constitution
d) Republican Party

What is the first step in becoming a presidential candidate?
a) selecting a campaign manager
b) selecting a political party
c) preparing a concession speech
d) participating in a convention

Which of the following is the maximum number of years a president can stay in office?
a) four years
b) six years
c) eight years
d) ten years

What do states hold to select a candidate for president?
a) conventions
b) conventions and campaigns
c) delegates
d) primaries and caucuses

What happens if you become your party’s nominee?
a) You run against the other parties’ candidates for president.
b) You make a concession speech.
c) You are sworn in as president of the convention.
d) You select a “kitchen cabinet.”

Which of the following sentences from the book informs readers on a topic?
a) If you’re not a millionaire, don’t worry, you’re not out of the running.
b) Now things are really starting to get serious.
c) Now that you’ve chosen a political party, you need to hire a campaign manager.
d) The two major political parties are the Democrats and the Republicans.

Who can vote in a presidential election?
a) anyone over the age of 18
b) anyone over the age of 18 who is a U.S. citizen
c) anyone over the age of 18 who is a U.S. citizen and has not been convicted of a crime
d) anyone over the age of 21 who is a U.S. citizen and has not been convicted of a crime

Why did the author write Your Road to the White House?
a) to inform
b) to persuade
c) to entertain
d) to inform and persuade

What happens if a candidate wins the popular vote but not the electoral vote?
a) The candidate becomes president.
b) The candidate becomes vice president.
c) The candidate does not become president.
d) The candidate has a victory celebration.

As president, what is the best type of person to choose for your cabinet?
a) a childhood friend
b) someone who is an expert in his or her field
c) someone who gave money to get you elected
d) someone from the other political party

A campaign to inform people about a product would not include
a) newspaper advertisements
b) keeping it a secret
c) TV commercials

A politician gets his or her job through
a) volunteering
b) an election
c) being hired

A delegate does not ____________________ on behalf of other people.
a) think
b) act
c) speak

The candidate who gives a concession speech has
a) lost
b) won
c) dropped out

A candidate who is not a member of a political party is an
a) indemnity
b) independent
c) indefinite

The nominee for the sports award was nominated after
a) a general election
b) an athletic competition
c) a primary

A convention meets to choose a person to be a political party's
a) presidential candidate
b) chief financial officer
c) manager

A primary is a _____________ election
a) falsified
b) preliminary
c) general

A caucus in Congress would be made up of representatives who
a) run against each other
b) hold similar views
c) disagree completely

An elector casts a vote
a) to choose a president
b) on whether to go to war
c) to change the Constitution

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