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Heliocentric Theory states that...
a) that planets orbit around the sun.
b) that planets rotate in eliptical orbits.
c) that all heavenely bodies (planets, stars, sun) rotate around Earth.
d) that planets rotate in perfect circles around the Earth.

The roots of the scientific revolution
a) came from all those listed.
b) came from Greek ideas and text such as Aristotle and Ptolemy.
c) came from Christian scholars such as, Thomas Aquinas.
d) came from Jewish scholars who connected Judaism to Aristole's teachings.

Geocentric theory states that
a) the center of the universe contains a black hole.
b) planetary objects rotate around the sun.
c) the center of the universe contains large rock formations.
d) planetary objects rotate around the earth.

What is a hypothesis?
a) Facts or information gathered in an experiment.
b) An idea or assumption to be tested by an experiment.
c) An experiment used to learn new information.
d) The results a scientist publishes after an experiment.

How did Kepler help perfect the heliocentric theory?
a) Kepler discovered the planet Venus.
b) Kepler discovered that the Moon has craters.
c) Kepler figured out that the planets move in elliptical (oval-shaped) orbits.
d) Kepler discovered that the sun is a mass of incandescent gas.

Which of these people was responsible for developing the heliocentric theory
a) Kepler
b) Copernicus
c) Newton
d) Bacon

Which of the following people believed in the geocentric world view?
a) Aristotle
b) Copernicus
c) Kepler
d) Newton

Isaac Newton developed an explanation for which natural phenomenon?
a) scientific method
b) gravity
c) light
d) planetary orbits

How did Muslims impact the Scientific Revolution?
a) When Muslims attacked, European scientists created new weapons to defend themselves.
b) Many, though not all, of the scientists of the Scientific Revolution were secretly Muslims.
c) Muslims suggested changes to the Catholic Church.
d) Europeans learned from Muslims scholars: preserved ancient texts, developed many advanced scientific ideas.

Before the Scientific Revolution, what were the two main sources of European knowledge about the natural world?
a) Aristotle and the Bible
b) The Bible and the Qur’an
c) The Bible and Galileo
d) Martin Luther and the Bible

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