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A man walks 20 meters in 10 seconds. What is the mans average speed?
a) 2 m/s
b) 10 m/s
c) 30 m/s
d) 200 m/s

A ball rolls 100 meters in 5 seconds. What is the balls average speed?
a) 2 m/s
b) 50 m/s
c) 20 m/s
d) 500 m/s

What kind of motion does a pendulum show as it swings back and forth?
a) steady or constant motion
b) variable motion
c) periodic motion
d) circular motion

What do you need to know to find an objects average speed?
a) the objects speed and its velocity
b) the objects speed and its direction
c) how far the object moved and how long it took
d) how fast the object moved and its direction

Which object has variable motion because of the way it moves?
a) Earth
b) motorcycle
c) pendulum
d) rubber band

What is an objects average speed?
a) the distance traveled and how long it took
b) how fast the object moves during a certain amount of time
c) the direction of motion during a certain amount of time
d) the motion of the object relative to a point of reference

Motion is measured relative to some location. What is this location called?
a) point of departure
b) point of reference
c) point of position
d) point of motion

Cecil wants to measure how fast a train is moving past the crossing gate near his house. What point of reference should he choose?
a) woman sitting on the train
b) end of the train car
c) train moving in the opposite direction
d) crossing gate

What object is an example of circular motion?
a) Earth
b) Tires
c) rubber band
d) cars

Which of the following is an example of constant motion?
a) bus
b) car
c) rubber band
d) Earth

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