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Database software.
a) Access
b) Excel
c) PowerPoint
d) Word

Sets the spaces between each of the lines in a document.
a) line spacing
b) line documentation
c) page orientation
d) paragraph setting

A list of quick access toolbars that you can itemize for quick and easy use.
a) Quick Access Toolbars
b) Quick Bars
c) Quick Tool Review
d) Quick Tools

The default setting in Word for page orientation.
a) portrait
b) landscape
c) portray
d) pretag

The white region around the text on a page or the gray area on the horizontal and vertical ruler
a) margins
b) orientation
c) quick parts
d) documents

Spreadsheet software.
a) Excel
b) PowerPoint
c) Access
d) Publisher

Series of software created by the Microsoft Company
a) Microsoft Office
b) Word
c) Microsoft Instruments
d) PowerPoint

Opens up a drop-down menu.
a) right-click
b) left-click
c) double click
d) justified click

Location for your name, date and time.
a) header
b) footer
c) quick parts
d) head

Word processing software
a) Word
b) PowerPoint
c) Access
d) Excel

Used to check misspellings in a document.
a) Spell check
b) Grammar check
c) Word check
d) Text check

Checks grammar mistakes in a document.
a) Grammar check
b) Spell check
c) Graduate check
d) Spelling

Put your exercises number here.
a) Footer
b) Header
c) Feeter
d) Foot

Slideshow software.
a) PowerPoint
b) Word
c) Publisher
d) Access

Paper is horizontal, and set as 11 x 8 ½.
a) Landscape
b) Moon shape
c) Portrait
d) Londonscape

Used to view documents side by side.
a) View side by side
b) Look at side by side
c) Move sided by side
d) Insert side by side

Line used to divide sections in a document.
a) Horizontal Line
b) Shapes
c) LIne spacing
d) Paragraph spacing

Desktop publishing software.
a) Publisher
b) Word
c) PowerPoint
d) Access

We are tools used to change features in a document.
a) toolbars
b) ribbons
c) menus
d) toolshops

Bold, Page Color and Page Border
a) Aesthetic features
b) Prominent features
c) Angle features
d) Austin features

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