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What is one difference between the cell of a plant and animal?
a) Plant cells will lack a mitochondria, but animal cells will have one
b) Plant cells will have one large central vacuole, but animal cells will have one or more smaller vacuoles
c) Plant cells will have an endoplasmic reticulum, but animal cells will not
d) Plant cells will have a thick cell wall, but animal cells will have a thin cell wall

How can you tell that an organism is a bacteria when viewing it under a microscope?
a) It will be single celled, lack a nucleus, and have a cell wall
b) It will be multi celled, lack a nucleus, and lack a cell wall
c) It will be single celled, have a nucleus, and have a cell wall
d) It will be single celled, lack a nucleus, and lack a cell wall

The Fungus and Protist Kingdoms are found in what Domain?
a) Prokarya
b) Eukarya
c) Archaea
d) Bacteria

Which characteristic defines an organism as being eukaryotic instead of prokaryotic?
a) eukaryotes are extremophiles, unlike prokaryotes
b) eukaryotes have the ability to reproduce, unlike prokaryotes
c) eukaryotes have DNA, unlike prokaryotes
d) eukaryotes have organelles that are membrane-bound, unlike prokaryotes

What is one difference between Animals and Protists?
a) Animals are single celled and Protists are multi-celled
b) Animals cannot photosynthesize and some Protists can
c) Animal cells have a nucleus and Protist cells lack a nucleus
d) Animals live only on land and Protists can live in the ocean

Which statement is true about Domains?
a) There are 6 of them
b) They are the smallest category of classification
c) There are 4 of them
d) Two of them contain types of bacteria

What is one difference between Plants and Fungi?
a) Plants can photosynthesize and Fungi cannot
b) Plants grow only on the ground and Fungi can grow other places
c) Plant cells lack mitochondria and Fungus cells have mitochondria
d) Plant cells have cell walls and Fungus cells lack cell walls

Which eukaryotic kingdoms can have the ability to photosynthesize?
a) Plants only
b) Plants and Protists only
c) Plants and Fungus only
d) Plants, Protists and Fungus only

What is the determining factor for how organisms are classified?
a) Evolutionary relationships
b) Physical similarities
c) Feeding habits
d) Mating habits

What is the most significant reason for changes to how organisms are classified?
a) Advancements in DNA technology allow comparisons of genetic similarities
b) Changes to how biologists get funding for research of ecologically damaged areas
c) A large increase in the amount of scientists studying behaviors of captive animals
d) More accurate maps due to advances in satellite imaging

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