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7 meters is equal how many centimeters?
a) 70 cm
b) 700 cm
c) 84 cm
d) 21 cm

If I have 9 quarts of lemonade, how many pints will I have?
a) 36 pints
b) 4 pints
c) 12 pints
d) 18 pints

8 yards is equivalent to how many inches?
a) 96 inches
b) 1.5 inches
c) 288 inches
d) 24 inches

All of the following are common units of measurement for the customary system except
a) feet
b) meter
c) inches
d) miles

How many cups of ice cream can Ms. Wright serve at a party with 2 individual gallon tubs of her favorite flavor?
a) Ms. Wright has enough ice cream for 16 cups
b) Ms. Wright will be able to serve 32 cups of ice cream
c) Ms. Wright will have 8 cups of ice cream
d) Ms. Wright will serve 4 cups of ice cream

Convert 5 miles into yards
a) 8,800 yards
b) 15 yards
c) 352 yards
d) 26,400 yards

What is the measurement of distance between two points?
a) height
b) width
c) volume
d) length

In inches, what is the equivalent of 9 feet?
a) .75 inches
b) 27 inches
c) 4 inches
d) 108 inches

Which measurement is larger? 7 yards or 20 feet?
a) 7 yards because 3 feet in a yard and 7x3 =21
b) 20 feet because 20 is larger than 7
c) They are equal. 3x7=20
d) Not possible, because you can't compare yards and inches

7,920 ft. is equivalent to how many miles?
a) 3 miles
b) 42 miles
c) 1.5 miles
d) 660 miles

Convert 72 inches to feet.
a) 6
b) 7
c) 5.5
d) 5

300 cm is equal to how many meters?
a) 3 m
b) 9 m
c) 100 m
d) 900 m

When converting from a larger unit of measurement to a smaller unit of measurement you:
a) divide
b) add
c) mulitply
d) subtract

17.5 mm is equal to how many centimeters?
a) 175 centimeters
b) 1.75 centimeters
c) .175 centimeters
d) 1750 centimeters

Convert 73,000 m to kilometers
a) 7300 km
b) 730 km
c) 73 km
d) .73 km

What is the decimal system of measurement called?
a) metric system
b) customary system
c) measurement
d) meters

When converting small units of measurement to larger units of measurement what operation is used?
a) division
b) multiplication
c) addition
d) subtraction

How many quarts are in 17 gallons?
a) 136 quarts
b) 34 quarts
c) 4 quarts
d) 68 quarts

If the length of a textbook is 22 centimeters, what would the length of the textbook be converted to millimeters?
a) 22mm
b) .22mm
c) 220 mm
d) 2200 mm

If an elephant weighs 7,200 ounces, What is its weight in pounds?
a) 900 poinds
b) 450 pounds
c) 115,200 pounds
d) 500 pounds

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