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Conflicts which occur between individual members of the same group
a) Interpersonal
b) Intrapersonal
c) Intergroup
d) Intragroup

Most common type of essay
a) Informative
b) Descriptive
c) Expository
d) Defensive

Conflicts can be both positive and negative depending on how they are handled
a) True
b) False

Because I said so .....this is an example of which cause of conflict?
a) Resources
b) Interpersonal Conflict
c) Values
d) Psychological Needs

Basic beliefs are examples of...
a) Resources
b) Psychological Needs
c) Values
d) Interpersonal Conflict

Josiah found out his best friend stole answers to a test and he doesn't know what to do. This is an example of what type of conflict
a) Intrapersonal
b) Interpersonal
c) Intragroup
d) Intergroup

An example of a Psychological Need is...
a) piece of cake
b) religious beliefs
c) politics
d) needing approval

Conflict between 2 people
a) intrapersonal
b) interpersonal
c) intragroup
d) intergroup

Power, friendship, participation, and success are all examples of...
a) Psychological Needs
b) Resources
c) Values
d) Intragroup Conflict

3 main causes of all conflicts are
a) Resources, Psychological Needs, Values
b) Resources, Different Opinions, Values
c) Values, Resources, Conflicts
d) Opinions, Anger, Misunderstandings

The definition of a resource is...
a) things people own
b) something people like
c) things that are needed or wanted but are in limited quantity
d) something someone has that helps something else work

provide safety and protection
a) rules
b) seminars
c) orientations
d) essays

aim, purpose, focus
a) rules
b) success
c) goals
d) conflict

difficulties which may try to stop you from reaching a goal
a) teachers
b) obstacles
c) classmates
d) goals

nodding your head in response to a speaker is an example of...
a) conflict resolution
b) writing essays
c) following rules
d) active listening

act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else viewed as more important
a) struggle
b) sacrifice
c) victory
d) success

What is a Vision Board?
a) used to help you remember what to study
b) used to help you remember your schedule
c) used to help you manage your time
d) used to keep your dreams goals in front of you

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