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AV: After lunch, we read until dinner.
a) read
b) after
c) dinner
d) lunch

LV: Ringo Star was the drummer for the Beatles.
a) was
b) Beatles
c) drummer
d) for

AV: Lightning struck the tallest tree.
a) struck
b) tallest
c) Lightning
d) tree

LV: That woman we saw could have been the new teacher.
a) could have been
b) could
c) have
d) have been

HV: Jose has decided to become a rock star.
a) has
b) decided
c) become
d) to

LV: I remained behind while the others went ahead.
a) remained
b) while
c) went
d) behind

HV: This has never happened before.
a) has
b) happened
c) never
d) before

TV:The children put the markers away and sat down.
a) put
b) away
c) markers
d) sat

IV: She opened the letter and smiled.
a) opened
b) smiled
c) letter
d) and

AV: He very nearly killed me when he almost hit me with his car.
a) killed & hit
b) very
c) hit
d) almost

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