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Of the following, where would atmospheric pressure be greatest?
a) at sea level
b) on a mountaintop
c) at the altitude at which planes fly
d) neither gases nor liquids.

If a fluid flows from area A to area B, then area A must be an area of greater ___.
a) temperature
b) mass
c) volume
d) pressure

Fluid pressure is exerted evenly in all directions, which explains why ___.
a) some objects floats
b) birds and airplanes can fly
c) bubbles are round.
d) objects seem to weigh less in water

The SI unit for pressure is ___.
a) Pa
b) Pr
c) N
d) K

Gases exert pressure ___.
a) randomly in varying directions
b) evenly in all directions
c) horizontally
d) vertically

The reason you blow round bubbles and not square ones is explained by ___.
a) Pascal's principle
b) Archimedes principle
c) Bernoulli's principle
d) Boyles's principle

80% of the gases in the atmosphere are found within ___ of the Earth's surface.
a) 1 km
b) 5 km
c) 10 km
d) 50 km

Pressure depends on ___.
a) the total amount of fluid present
b) the depth of the fluid
c) the temperature of the fluid
d) the compressibility of the fluid

You may feel discomfort in your ears when you take off in an airplane because the pressure in your inner ear ___.
a) ls less that the atmospheric pressure at a high altitude
b) is greater than the atmospheric pressure at a high altitude
c) is equal to the atmospheric pressure at a high altitude
d) is not affected and cannot be related to the atmospheric pressure at a high altitude

A bicycle tire remains inflated because air particles ___.
a) are constantly moving and pushing against the inside of the tire
b) for a crystal matrix inside the tire
c) are less dense than the tire
d) displace the tire's density

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