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Which of these would bring you PLEASURE?
a) falling down and breaking your leg
b) getting a 100 per cent on a very hard science test
c) opening up a gift that had nothing in it
d) losing $50.00

Which of these animals would have FUR?
a) turtle
b) ostrich
c) bear
d) ladybug

Which of these could be your AUNT?
a) your mother's sister
b) your dad's brother
c) your uncle's son
d) your little sister

If your sister gives you SKETCHES, what would you have?
a) a new hat
b) a mask that she made in art
c) quick drawings
d) a photograph of her

Which of these would you YEARN to have?
a) a toothache
b) a new car when you are old enough to drive
c) a raindy day when you had planned to go on a picnic in the country
d) a worm in your favorite candy bar

If you traveled in a DINGHY, where would you be?
a) in a barn
b) on land
c) in the air
d) in the water

Which of these best describes a PRETZEL?
a) twisted dough that has been baked and salted
b) a cone for holding ice cream
c) a doughnut with sprinkles
d) dough that has been rolled out and cut into fancy shapes, baked, and frosted

Which of these animals does a CHIPMUNK most resemble?
a) piglet
b) whale
c) rabbit
d) squirrel

What could a MOOSE have that a horse would not have?
a) fur
b) antlers
c) tail
d) eyes

If you have an EXAM, what would you be doing?
a) taking a test
b) cookiing meatballs
c) writing your spelling words five times each
d) doodling on a piece of paper during free time

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