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The Earth is approximately _______ from surface to center.
a) 4,000 miles
b) 6,000 miles
c) 2,500 kilometers
d) 400 miles

The crust is the thickest under continents
a) True
b) False

The crust and top of the mantle are called the _________.
a) atmosphere
b) lithosphere
c) chromosphere
d) asthenosphere

The core is the most dense layer overall
a) True
b) False

The _______ is made of the oceanic and continental plates.
a) atmosphere
b) asthenosphere
c) lithosphere
d) atmosphere

What type of rock is most of the continental crust made of?
a) marble
b) granite
c) basalt
d) sedimentary

The mantle is the thickest layer of the Earth
a) True
b) False

What two elements make up the composition of the mantle?
a) Fe and Mg
b) Fe and Au
c) Mg and S
d) Mg and Al

What things are needed to create a metamorphic rock?
a) extreme heat, extreme pressure
b) wind and water
c) sediments and wind
d) magma and water

A series of processes on Earth's surface and interior that slowly change rocks from one kind to another is called
a) rock cycle
b) water cycle
c) food web
d) weathering

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