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States that people accused of a crime have the right to a speedy, public trial by jury.
a) 6th Amendment
b) 5th Amendment
c) 7th Amendment
d) 9th Amendment

States that people who have a disagreement about something worth more than $20.00 have the right to a trial by jury.
a) 7th Amendment
b) 6th Amendment
c) 9th Amendment
d) 10th Amendment

States that in most cases, accused people can remain out of jail until their trial if they pay bail.
a) 8th Amendment
b) 6th Amendment
c) 9th Amendment
d) 7th Amendment

States that people have other rights besides those stated in the Constitution.
a) 9th Amendment
b) 7th Amendment
c) 5th Amendment
d) 10th Amendment

States that any powers the Constitution does not give to the federal government belong to the states or the people.
a) 10th Amendment
b) 9th Amendment
c) 8th Amendment
d) 7th Amendment

A written plan of how a country’s government will work.
a) constitution
b) ordinance
c) preamble
d) bill of rights

An official member of a city, state, or nation.
a) citizen
b) farmer
c) patriot
d) civil leader

An area of land that is ruled by a government; a frontier region before it became a U.S. state
a) territory
b) republic
c) river
d) valley

A law
a) ordinance
b) preamble
c) orderly
d) ruling

a form of government in which the state’s share power with the central government.
a) federal system
b) federal revue
c) federal paper
d) federalist

a government in which citizens elect leaders to represent them
a) republic
b) dictatorship
c) preamble
d) declaration

an agreement in which each side of an argument gives up something it wants
a) compromise
b) ordinance
c) law
d) republic

to officially accept
a) ratify
b) cancel
c) reject
d) amend

a government in which the people make political decisions by voting, and the majority rules
a) democracy
b) amendment
c) compromise
d) monarch

a system that lets each branch of government limit the power of the other two
a) checks and balances
b) clicks and balances
c) preamble
d) constitution

to refuse to approve
a) veto
b) ratify
c) approve
d) pass

to not be in agreement with the Constitution
a) unconstitutional
b) ratify
c) amendment
d) accept

a change made to the Constitution
a) amendment
b) article
c) decision
d) veto

the ceremony at which a government official is sworn into office
a) inauguration
b) capital
c) republic
d) compromise

a group appointed by a President to help govern the country
a) cabinet
b) ruler
c) king
d) citizen

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