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Supporters of the Constitution were called this.
a) Federalists
b) Anti-Federalists
c) Farmeralists
d) Constitutionalists

He was a framer of the Constitution and helped forge the Great Compromise in which our legislature would have two parts. The Bill of Rights were important to him.
a) George Mason
b) John Adams
c) Ben Franklin
d) Thomas Jefferson

He was the main writer of the Constitution and helped write the Bill of Rights and was the 4th President of the United States.
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Paine
c) Paul Revere
d) Ben Franklin

Roger Sherman’s suggestion of dividing Congress into two parts so that larger and smaller states could both agree.
a) The Great Compromise
b) The Great Confederation
c) Articles of Confederation
d) The Constitution

Called for a federal system in which the national government had three parts. It was supported by larger states
a) Virginia Plan
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Delaware Plan
d) Northwest Territory

A document started by the small states that would give them as much power as the larger states.
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Virginia Plan
c) Massachusetts Plan
d) Boston Plan

The land that the U.S. won after the Revolution.
a) Northwest Territory
b) Pacific Territory
c) California
d) Pacific Northwest

An early plan of government in which the state’s share with the central government. It gave the states more power.
a) Articles of Confederation
b) The Constitution
c) Preamble
d) Declaration of Independence

This protest led to farmers revolting because they were losing their farms because they could not pay their taxes.
a) Shay's Rebellion
b) Shay's Rebuttal
c) King Phillip's War
d) Pontiac's Rebellion

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution, it lists many of the individual rights the U.S. government promises to protect
a) Bill of Rights
b) Preamble
c) Constitution
d) Declaration of Independence

They decide the laws and whether they have been followed. Headed by the Supreme Court.
a) judicial branch
b) executive branch
c) bill of rights branch
d) legislative branch

They carry out the laws made by Congress. The President is the head of this branch.
a) executive branch
b) judicial branch
c) constitutional branch
d) legislative branch

They make the laws and are divided into two parts
a) legislative branch
b) judicial branch
c) executive branch
d) preamble branch

People who opposed the new Constitution were called this.
a) Anti-Federalists
b) Federalists
c) Constitutionalists
d) Redcoats

A leader of the Constitutional Convention and helped with the writing of the Constitution.
a) Gouverneur Morris
b) George Washington
c) Paul Revere
d) William howe

States that people have the freedom of speech, religion and expression.
a) 1st Amendment
b) 2nd Amendment
c) 3rd Amendment
d) 4th Amendment

States that people have the right to bear arms.
a) 2nd Amendment
b) 1st Amendment
c) 4th Amendement
d) 7th Amendment

States that people do not have to quarter soldiers in their home.
a) 3rd Amendment
b) 2nd Amendment
c) 4th Amendment
d) 6th Amendment

States that police cannot search people or their homes without good reason.
a) 4th Amendment
b) 3rd Amendment
c) 8th Amendment
d) 5th Amendment

States that people accused of a crime have the right to a fair trial. They cannot be tried more than once for the same crime.
a) 5th Amendment
b) 7th Amendment
c) 6th Amendment
d) 3rd Amendment

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