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Used by France Britain to give Hitler what he wanted because they didn't want to have a repeat of WWI
a) Appeasement
b) Non Aggression
c) Displacement
d) None of the above

The Non Aggression Pact was signed before WWII so these 2 countries wouldn't fight each other
a) Soviet Union Germany
b) Germany France
c) Germany Great Britain
d) Germany Poland

The annexation of Czechoslovakia the invasion of Poland marked the start of :
b) WWI
d) The Great Depression

Who wasn't an Axis Power?
a) Poland
b) Germany
c) Japan
d) Italy

This country entered WWII after the Japanese bombed of Pearl Harbor in 1941.
a) USA
b) France
c) Great Britain
d) Germany

This event marked the Allies freeing France from Nazi control.
a) D-Day
b) VE Day
c) VJ Day
d) Pearl Harbor

The Manhattan Project was the U.S. plan for ....
a) dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan
b) freeing France from Nazi control
c) helping the Soviets against the invasion by Germany
d) sinking of the Lusitania

What cities in Japan were hit by the Atomic Bomb to save American Lives?
a) Hiroshima Nagasaki
b) Tokyo Kyoto
c) Hiroshima Tokyo
d) Nagasaki Kyoto

The Final Solution was Germany's plan to kill the ....
a) Jews
b) French
c) British
d) Soviets

The laws passed in Germany in 1935 limiting Jewish Rights were the Nuremberg ......
a) Laws
b) Trials
c) Edicts
d) Decrees

The trials held in 1945-1946 to charge Nazi leaders for their role in the Holocaust were the Nuremberg ....
a) Trials
b) Laws
c) Edicts
d) Decrees

The country created as a Jewish Homeland was ....
a) Israel
b) Turkey
c) Palestine
d) Egypt

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