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What is easily stretched and goes back to its original shape?
a) tee-shirt
b) rubber band
c) socks
d) toy doll

What are the three states of matter?
a) rain, snow, and sunshine
b) soild, liquid, gas
c) planes, trains, and automobiles
d) Asia, Europe, and US

What is made of wood?
a) Clothes, cars, and kittens
b) Pencils, paper, and furniture
c) Bouncy balls, coffee cups, and pens
d) Everything!

When discussing the poles of a magnet, which best describes them?
a) North and South Poles attract each other.
b) They are labeled as East and West.
c) They repel wood.
d) They do not move iron.

Penguins have two layers of feathers...why?
a) keep them warm.
b) keep them dry.
c) make them adorable.
d) keep them warm and dry.

What is a magnet attracted to?
a) Iron
b) Paper
c) Wood
d) Plastic

When designing a chair, what do you need to make sure of?
a) It is cute.
b) That it is stable enough to sit on.
c) That it is comfortable.
d) That it looks like Miss Kessel's chair.

What tool would you use to measure coffee ?
a) ruler
b) measuring cup
c) scale
d) kilograms

What makes its own light?
a) sun
b) candle
c) tv
d) coffee maker

How many planets are in the solar system?
a) 8
b) 9
c) 2
d) 1

Why do different birds have different beaks?
a) to be pretty
b) defines what their diet is
c) to chirp
d) because that is the way they are made

What is a herbivore?
a) meat-eater
b) plant-eater
c) doesn't eat anything
d) eats both meat and plants

What needs electricity to work?
a) table
b) tv
c) pencils
d) books

What helps a fish swim?
a) gills
b) scales
c) fins
d) mouth

What do living things need to survive?
a) oxygen, water, sun, food, habitat
b) soil, shelter, friends
c) school, food, toys
d) oxygen, water, sun

Of the items listed below, what are living things?
a) house, car, tv
b) Wii, iPad, computer
c) ducks, caterpillar, deer
d) table, chairs, heater

What is an anemometer used for?
a) To measure time
b) To measure money
c) To measure wind speed
d) To measure the distance from your house to school

Name the lifecycle of a butterfly...
a) eggs, caterpillar, butterfly
b) eggs, caterpillar, chrystalis, butterfly
c) butterfly, chrystalis, caterpillar, eggs
d) caterpillar, eggs, butterfly, chrystalis

What are three paths an object may take?
a) circular, straight, zig-zag
b) up and down, roller coaster hill, fast
c) high, low, and medium pace
d) friction

Which would go faster and farther in relation to motion...
a) small, narrow hill
b) tall, steep hill
c) bumpy road
d) a beach full of sand

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