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Jesus said that when we give to someone in need, that we shouldn't ....
a) call attention to it
b) bother doing it
c) do it too often
d) give too much

Complete the statement: Give us this day our ______________
a) forgiveness
b) daily bread
c) trespasses
d) power

Complete the statement: and lead us not ________________
a) into temptation
b) the wrong way
c) too far
d) into the darkness

Complete the statement: Our Father, who art _____________
a) with us
b) everywhere
c) Holy
d) in heaven

Complete the statement: Thy will _______________
a) is great
b) is perfect
c) be done
d) is awesome

Complete the statement: As we forgive those who _________________________
a) we don't want to forgive
b) don't deserve it
c) trespass against us
d) are worse than us

Complete the statement: For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the _______
a) heavens
b) glory
c) earth
d) universe

Complete the statement: on earth as it is _____________
a) everywhere
b) in the universe
c) in heaven
d) forever

Jesus says that we will be forgiven if we
a) forgive others
b) don't sin anymore
c) judge the sin of others
d) live a good life

Complete the statement: and forgive us our ______________________
a) debts
b) trespasses
c) mistakes
d) wrongs

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