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Which of these is not an example of multidisciplinary?
a) physical education
b) S.T.E.M. project
c) learning to measure in science
d) reading about historical figures during reading class

Which of these is related to multimedia?
a) print, audio, and video
b) print only
c) audio only
d) video only

Which is an antonym for plural?
a) singular
b) multiple
c) possessive
d) plenty

Which of these is related to the word megalopolis?
a) metropolitan
b) rural
c) country
d) farm

Which of these is related to polytheistic?
a) Ancient Greece
b) Christianity
c) Hinduism
d) Jewish

Which is not related to a Megalosaurus?
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) Jurassic Period
d) extinct

Which is an example of a polygon?
a) triangle
b) circle
c) cube
d) tetrahedron

Which is a synonym for multitude?
a) heap
b) minority
c) handful
d) single

Which is an synonym for multiply?
a) reproduce
b) divide
c) factor
d) product

Which is an antonym for pluralism?
a) exclusion
b) diversity
c) multiculturalism
d) inclusiveness

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