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Which countries made up the Axis Powers?
a) Germany, Italy, Japan
b) Japan, China and Italy
c) Germany, Italy and China
d) Germany, Italy and Great Britain

Which event caused Great Britain and France to declare war against Germany?
a) The invasion of Poland
b) The invasion of the Soviet Union
c) The invasion of Britain
d) None of the above

What caused the USA to enter WWII?
a) D-Day
b) The attack at Pearl Harbor
c) The sinking of the USS Maine
d) The assassination of Winston Churchill

Which president made the decision to drop the atomic bomb?
a) Winston Churchill
b) FDR
c) Truman
d) Eisenhower

Which battle is considered the turning point on the Pacific Theater?
a) Battle of Britain
b) Battle of Midway
c) Battle of Staligrad
d) The bombing of Pearl Harbor

Which country was an Axis power, but switched sides?
a) Great Britain
b) Italy
c) Soviet Union
d) Japan

Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain that inspired people with his speeches?
a) Winston Churchill
b) Neville Chamberlin
c) Tony Blair
d) FDR

Who was the leader the Soviet Union during WWII?
a) Tojo
b) Hitler
c) Stalin
d) Mussolini

Where did the USA drop the atomic bomb?
a) Hiroshima and Tokyo
b) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
c) Tokyo and Hong Kong
d) None of the above

What political party was Adolf Hitler the leader of in Germany?
a) Nazi Party
b) Communist Party
c) Socialist Fascist Party
d) None of the above

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