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Instead of getting started on his work right away, Joey stares out the window, drops his pencil on the floor, and asks his friend to pick it up
a) hardworking
b) lazy
c) nervous

Even though Marcus knows the answer to his teacher’s question, he doesn’t raise his hand.
a) happy
b) disrespectful
c) shy

Mary had been trying to solve the same math problem for an hour. She kept writing and rewriting the problem over and over again. When she kept getting the wrong answer, she put her hands on her head, leaned back in her chair and said, “I quit!!!!
a) Mary is happy.
b) Mary is furstrated.
c) Mary is sleepy.

Jose was jumping up and down and watching out the window. He could not wait for his mother to get home. She was bringing his new baby sister home for the first time. He wanted to see her and play with her for the first time.
a) Jose is upset.
b) Jose is disappointed.
c) Jose is excited.

Daisey worked hard at every practice she went to. She kicked the soccer ball in her front yard for about an hour each day. When her coach told her she needed to fix things, she listened carefully and did what he said.
a) Daisey is lazy.
b) Daisey is dedicated.
c) Daisey is silly.

Adrian wanted to dunk a basketball more than anything. He would not give up until he could do it. He would work in the gym for hours practicing his steps and jumping at just the right time.
a) Adrian is lazy.
b) Adrian is sad.
c) Adrian is determined.

Katie wanted to go to the party. She did not want to wait any more for her mom to finish her errands. She kept asking her mother “Are you done yet?” and “When can we go to the party?”
a) sloppy
b) impatient
c) calm

Amanda’s dad asked her what happened to the lamp that was broken in the living room. She knew that she and her sister had broken it when they were playing with the basketball. She told her father the truth about what happened .
a) dishonest
b) honest
c) deceitful

Hudson does not want anyone to help him with his chores, Even though there are a lot of clothes to put away, he wants to do it all by himself. He wants everyone to stay out of his room when he is cleaning it so he can do it all alone.
a) friendly
b) independent
c) bossy

Grant never wants to share his things. When his friends come over, he will only let them play with the toys that he does not want to play with. He does not ever give his friends a chance to use his things or share any of his snacks or treats.
a) generous
b) polite
c) selfish

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