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1m = 100 ___
a) cm
b) km
c) dm
d) mm

Why is water known as the universal solvent?
a) It dissolves all known substances.
b) It dissolves only solid substances.
c) It dissolves the greatest number of substances.
d) It dissolves substances faster than any other substance.

A group of campers travel to a cabin with no electrical power. In order to provide a heater and lights, which device would be appropriate?
a) generator
b) resistor
c) insulator
d) voltmeter

The physical expression of a trait in an organism is known as_
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) chromosome
d) double helix

Which of these represents teh freezing point of water in correct SI units?
a) 0 C
b) 0 F
c) 32 C
d) -273 C

A girl kicks a soccer ball into the air. Which of these best describes why the soccer ball falls back to Earth?
a) The motion of the ball is changed by external forces.
b) The acceleration of the ball is unstable.
c) The pressure on the ball changes with altitude.
d) The force exerted on the ball is greater than gravity.

Which characteristic is common to the four outer planets in our solar system?
a) Gaseous composition
b) Low mass
c) High density
d) Fast revolution

When comparing a plant cell to an animal cell, only the plant cell will contain-
a) chloroplasts
b) ribosomes
c) chromosomes
d) mitochondria

Which of these is the best description of a typical organism in the Plant Kingdom?
a) Makes its own food
b) Is unicellular
c) Lacks a nucleus
d) Lacks a cell wall

Which of these is a way that a person can help improve air quality?
a) Carpool with several people.
b) Build a compost pile.
c) Burn leaves in the fall.
d) Use a gas-powered lawn mower.

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