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Puritans, who left the Church of England, established which colony to avoid religious persecution?
a) Jamestown
b) Massachusetts Bay
c) Pennsylvania
d) Georgia

Which colony was settled by people who had been imprisoned in England for debts that they could not pay?
a) Maryland
b) Rhode Island
c) Georgia
d) Massachussetts

Which colony was settled by Quakers looking for religious freedom?
a) New York
b) Rhode Island
c) Georgia
d) Pennsylvania

The main reason that the Separatists and Puritans came to America was to -
a) Practice their religion freely
b) Make more money and live a better life
c) Build a democratic government
d) Expand the lands controlled by the king of England

The colony of Georgia was settled by which group of people?
a) Separatists from the Church of England
b) Debtors seeking economic freedom and a new life
c) Quakers who wanted to practice their religion more freely
d) Stockholders from the Virginia Company

Plymouth colony was settled by -
a) Debtors seeking economic freedom
b) Separatists from the Church of England seeking religious freedom
c) Separatists from the Church of England seeking wealth and riches
d) Quakers wanting to practice their religion more freely

Which colony was established as an economic venture to make a profit for the Virginia Company?
a) Plymouth
b) Jamestown
c) Massachusetts Bay
d) Pennsylvania

The Lost Colony is the name given to the settlement at -
a) Jamestown
b) Roanoke Island
c) Williamsburg
d) Hampton

The first permanent English settlement in North America was founded in 1607 at -
a) Roanoke Island
b) Hampton
c) Jamestown
d) Richmond

Plymouth, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Bay were all -
a) Colonies founded for political reasons
b) Colonies founded for religious reasons
c) Colonies founded for economic reasons
d) Colonies founded for social reasons

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