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Which level of taxonomic category indicates whether an organism has a nucleus?
a) a. Class
b) b. Domain
c) c. Family
d) d. Genus

Two organisms in the same class but different orders will
a) a. be in different kingdoms.
b) b. be members of the same species.
c) c. be in the same phylum.
d) d. have the same genus name

The scientist that developed the naming system for classifying organisms was
a) a. Darwin.
b) b. Mendel.
c) c. Lamarck.
d) d. Linnaeus.

Evolutionary history of a species
a) Nomenclature
b) Phylogeny
c) Taxonomy
d) Cladistics

Naming of organisms using a universally accepted name
a) Nomanclature
b) Phylogeny
c) Taxonomy
d) Cladistics

A dichotomous key is a tool used for identifying
a) a. birds only.
b) b. familiar organisms.
c) c. family trees.
d) d. unfamiliar organisms.

The field of biology that deals with classifying organisms is called
a) a. taxonomy.
b) b. classification.
c) c. hierarchy.
d) d. nomenclature.

Scientists assign each kind of organism a universally accepted name in the system known as
a) a. traditional classification
b) b. the tree domains
c) c. binomial nomenclature
d) d. cladistics

The scientific name for the fruit fly is Drosophila melanogaster. The word Drosophila refers to the classification group
a) a. species
b) b. genus
c) c. phylum
d) d. kingdom

Which classification category contains the greatest number of different types of organisms?
a) a. genus
b) b. species
c) c. phylum
d) d. kingdom

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