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One way which light waves are different from sound waves is that light waves...
a) Can move through empty space
b) Are cause by rapid vibrations
c) travel slower
d) can be reflecterd

Which pair of colors is in order from the longest wavelength of light in the visible spectrum to the shortest wavelength
a) Green - Orange
b) Yellow - Red
c) Violet - Blue
d) Red - Violet

What part of a car is transparent
a) Door Handle
b) Side Mirror
c) Hubcap
d) Windshield

Which object is Opaque
a) Notebook
b) Mirror on the bus
c) Brickwall
d) Sunglasses

To see object far away from you, you should use a...
a) microscope
b) telescope
c) graduated cylinder
d) balance scale

Number of light waves that occur in a given amount of time
a) amplitude
b) frequency
c) wavelength
d) polarization

Why do we have a shadow
a) Light comes in all directions
b) light travels in straight lines
c) light bends around you
d) light can travel through you

What type of material does not allow any light to pass through
a) Transparent
b) Translucent
c) Filtered
d) Opaque

The top of a wavelength
a) Trough
b) amplitude
c) prism
d) crest

What instrument should you use to view small objects
a) Telescope
b) Microscope
c) gradulated cylinder
d) balance scale

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