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Who was this Presentation about?
a) John Milton
b) William Shakespeare
c) Geoffrey Chaucer
d) Johnathan Swift

Which Poem caused Milton's stature as a poet to be recognized?
a) Paradise Lost
b) Paradise Regained
c) Samson Agonistes
d) On His Blindness

Paradise Lost was published in what year?
a) 1667
b) 1676
c) 1677
d) 1674

Which one of Milton's senses were lost during writing his works?
a) Sight
b) Hearing
c) Voice
d) Taste

What year did John Milton Die?
a) 1674
b) 1608
c) 1667
d) 1684

Who did Milton have to write his works down when he became Blind?
a) His Daughters
b) His Sons
c) His Mother
d) His Father

What year was John Milton Born?
a) 1608
b) 1600
c) 1674
d) 1667

Which famous work of John Milton's was based on the fall of man? (Adam and Eve)
a) Paradise Lost
b) His Blindness
c) Samson Agonistes
d) Paradise Regained

Which book was from the story of Samson in the Old Testament?
a) Samson Agonistes
b) Paradise Lost
c) Paradise Regained
d) His Blindness

Which book was about the temptation of Christ?
a) Paradise Regained
b) Paradise Lost
c) His Blindness
d) Samson Agonistes

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