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Select the one that is a natural resource.
a) books
b) trees
c) roads
d) .

Select the one that is NOT a natural resource.
a) soil
b) water
c) bottles
d) .

Resources will last longer if we ______________.
a) recycle them
b) waste them
c) throw them away
d) .

An example of air polution is _________.
a) trash
b) oil
c) smoke
d) .

Select the one that does NOT cause air polution.
a) burning wood
b) sleeping
c) trucks
d) .

Water polution is caused by __________________.
a) swimming in the water
b) diving in the water
c) dumping trash in the water

Select the one that can be recycled.
a) cans
b) gas
c) milk
d) .

Select the one that is NOT okay to pour in the ground or into the sink.
a) soda
b) motor oil
c) water
d) .

An example of reducing the amount of water we use would be ______.
a) filling a swimming pool
b) watering your lawn
c) turning off the water

Making a bird house out of a milk carton is an example of ___________.
a) reducing
b) wasting
c) reusing

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