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The spread of Christianity is an example of what kind of motivation for exploration?
a) Religious
b) Economic
c) Superiority
d) Competition

Improved navigation tools and ships, claiming land, and exchanging goods and ideas are all examples of what?
a) Exploration Obstacles
b) Motivations for Exploration
c) Accomplishments of Exploration
d) Fears of the unknown

What was an obstacle faced by the explorers of North America?
a) Lack of good harbors along the coast
b) Not enough weapons
c) They were unable to sail back home
d) They lacked adequate supplies

European countries competed for power in North America to -
a) Learn new languages
b) Find allies to fight against China
c) Obtain gold and natural resources
d) Earn praise from the Pope

Which is the best example of a reason why European countries competed for power in North America?
a) Learn new languages
b) Find new foods
c) Claim new lands
d) Become famous

Which of the following were European explorers unable to accomplish?
a) Claiming land in North America
b) Finding a shorter route to the Pacific Ocean
c) Exchange of goods and ideas
d) Improved ships and navigational tools

Which explorer claimed the southwest area of the present day United States for Spain?
a) Cabot
b) Champlain
c) LaSalle
d) Coronado

Which explorer established the French settlement of Quebec?
a) Coronado
b) Cabot
c) Champlain
d) LaSalle

Who explored eastern Canada?
a) Cabot
b) LaSalle
c) Coronado
d) Da Gama

Who claimed the Mississippi River valley for France?
a) Champlain
b) Cabot
c) Coronado
d) LaSalle

Explorers from Portugal made discoveries in -
a) India
b) West Africa
c) North America
d) Mexico

Champlain established which French settlement in North America?
a) St. Augustine
b) Quebec
c) New York
d) New Orleans

Coronado, a Spanish explorer, claimed which part of the United States for Spain?
a) Northeast
b) Northwest
c) Southwest
d) Southeast

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