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The old piece of furniture is comfortable, but doesn't look good because it is _________.
a) Shabby
b) Sparkling
c) New
d) Colorful

When you do not understand a concept, you are _________.
a) Bewildered
b) Confident
c) Knowledgeable
d) Insightful

When you pass your SOL, you will be proud and _________ because of your amazing accomplishment.
a) Beaming
b) Walking
c) Frowning
d) Eating

Which character(s) behaves in a way that is cowardly?
a) Dumbledoor
b) Professor McGonagall
c) Harry
d) The Dursleys

What animal is known for behaving ferociously?
a) Lion
b) Mouse
c) An easy going house cat
d) Elephant

If something is not allowed, it is ________________.
a) Forbidden
b) Encouraged
c) Pizza

What does timidly mean?
a) shyly
b) fast
c) boldly
d) courageously

What does ambling mean?
a) Walking along slowly and in a relaxed manner
b) Walking with an intent purpose
c) Running
d) Pacing back and forth

Hagrid _________ protected Harry because he loved him.
a) vigirously
b) orange
c) angrily
d) wrongly

What does intently mean?
a) With great concentration
b) absent mindedly
c) interestingly
d) lazily

Harry was _______________ through his belongings trying to find the items he wanted to pack for the trip to Hogwarts.
a) dancing
b) eating
c) rummaging
d) sneering

What does enraged mean?
a) Made angry
b) Tickled
c) Gave a piece of food to
d) Listened to

What does peculiar mean?
a) Strange
b) Hungry
c) Anxious
d) Displeased

A ravine is
a) A narrow steep-sided valley.
b) A body of water.
c) A piece of pie.
d) A camping location.

Because she was upset, she looked at the teacher and _____.
a) Sneered
b) Smiled
c) Danced
d) Sang a song.

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