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To wrangle with someone is:
a) to play
b) to explore
c) to argue
d) to converse

to acknowledge something is:
a) to accept
b) to gain
c) to deny
d) to admit

to surmount a difficulty is:
a) to overcome
b) to predict
c) to respect
d) to expect

to have an adversary is:
a) to have a friend
b) to have an enemy
c) to have a helper
d) to have a good neighbor

to set a precedent is:
a) to set an example
b) to set a course
c) to set a time
d) to set a date

to elude a capture is to:
a) to expect a capture
b) to make a capture
c) to plan a capture
d) to avoid a capture

to have a worthy objective is to:
a) to have a good opportunity
b) to make a good decision
c) to be a winner
d) to have a good goal

to implement a goal is to:
a) to discover
b) to accomplish
c) to buy
d) to refine

to give homage is to:
a) to show respect
b) to give charity
c) to give money
d) to give help

to exploit a situation is to:
a) discuss in private
b) explain in detail
c) to make unfair use of
d) to forget completely

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