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What is 138% of 250?
a) 0.152
b) 345
c) 690
d) 950

What percent of 80 is 8?
a) 0.1%
b) 1%
c) 10%
d) 72%

Twenty-four percent of the 25 swim team members are new on the team. How many members are new?
a) 6
b) 8
c) 10
d) 12

Which is the best estimate. 49% of 15.
a) 1.5
b) 4
c) 7.5
d) 9

While shopping, Lucinda spent $48. If the amount she spent was 15% of her savings, how much savings did she have before she shopped?
a) $40.80
b) $55.20
c) $150
d) $320

Yul has lunch at a restaurant. If his bill was $14.50 and Yul wants to leave a 20% tip, what is the amount he should leave for the tip?
a) $2.90
b) $2.50
c) $2.00
d) $1.44

An aquarium is on sale for $59.50. If this price represents a 15% discount from the original price, what is the original price to the nearest cent?
a) $50.25
b) $60.00
c) $65.75
d) $70

What is the percent of change from 100 to 150?
a) 50% decrease
b) 50% increase
c) 33% decrease
d) 33% increase

What is the total cost for a $20 haircut if you leave a 15% tip?
a) $3
b) $17
c) $23
d) $26

What is the simple interest paid if you deposit $1,000, accrue interest at a rate of 5%, for 2 years?
a) $10,000
b) $1,000
c) $100
d) $50

What is the percent of change from $300 to $200?
a) 100% decrease
b) 50% decrease
c) 33% decrease
d) 33% increase

What is the price that the store will sell a tool set for if they pay $50 for it and sell it at a 10% markup?
a) $5
b) $40
c) $45
d) $55

How much simple interest will be earned on a deposit of $300 at 6.5% for 1 year?
a) $19.50
b) $195
c) $319.50
d) $1,950

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