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Which Constitutional principle focuses on dividing responsibility between the 3 branches of government?
a) Men and women
b) National and state governments
c) Citizens and Federal employees
d) The President and the congressmen

The ⅗ Compromise refers to counting who as only ⅗ of a person?
a) Non-landholding whites
b) Women
c) Slaves
d) Poor whites

Which compromise at the constitutional convention is an agreement between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan?
a) Connecticut Compromise
b) Washington Compromise
c) Mellie Compromise
d) Kentucky Compromise

Who initiated the Annapolis Convention?
a) Alexander Hamilton
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Fitzgerald Grant
d) George Washington

Which of the following was a problem under the articles of confederation?
a) George Washington was not president.
b) Debt
c) War with Spain
d) Territorial issues with Latin America

What are the articles of confederation?
a) The original government that was put in place after the American Revolution, prior to the Constitution.
b) The 13 colonies.
c) A series of newspaper articles that encouraged the American Revolution
d) A set of laws put in place during the revolution

Which of the following is NOT essential feature of a state?
a) Population
b) Territory
c) Sovereignty
d) Jury

The government must provide ways of resolving conflicts among members of society is under which principle of government?
a) Maintaining Social Order
b) Providing Public Services
c) Providing National Security
d) Making Economic Decisions

Locke wrote the people may rebel against their government when what happens?
a) When the government goes to war
b) When the government ignores minorities
c) When the government provides protection
d) When the government denies the people their rights

All of the following are purposes of government EXCEPT:
a) Protect the people
b) Create order
c) Decrease chances of survival
d) Enforcement of rules

Monarchs did not have to answer to the people because they ONLY answered to God is true of which origin of government theory?
a) Evolution Theory
b) Force Theory
c) Divine Right Theory
d) Social Contract

Limited Government is best summarized as
a) Each branch is allowed to limit the power of the other branches
b) Governmental power is limited to only what the people allow it do it
c) Federal government is limited to what the states say
d) Government power is divided into 3 distinct branches

Federalism is when the power is divided between who?
a) Federalism
b) Checks and Balances
c) Three branches
d) Feudalism

The policy that one branch of government can check on another branch of government is known as what policy?
a) Federalism
b) Checks and Balances
c) Limited Government
d) Separation of Powers

The first ten amendments to the constitution is known as what?
a) The Ten Commandments
b) The Declaration of Independence
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The Declaration of Rights of Man

What does it mean to plead the fifth?
a) The right to bear arms.
b) To have freedom of speech.
c) Using their right to not incriminate themselves.
d) To not quarter soldiers.

Freedom of speech, religion, and the press are all incorporated in which amendment?
a) First
b) Second
c) Fifth
d) Tenth

The highest court in the United States is
a) A court of appeals
b) The Supreme Court
c) A district court
d) The US Claims Court

In the United States government, members of the cabinet directly report to whom?
a) Congress
b) President
c) Senate
d) Supreme Court

How is the Vice President selected?
a) The President chooses the Vice President after inauguration
b) The Vice President is chosen as the Presidential Candidate’s running mate during the campaign
c) The 2nd Place winner of the Presidential Election becomes the Vice President
d) Americans vote on the Vice President separately from the President

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