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Which type of muscle tires quickly during exercise?
a) smooth muscle
b) breathing muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) cardiac muscle

Which type of muscle is found only in the heart?
a) voluntary muscle
b) cardiac muscle
c) smooth muscle
d) soft muscle

The injury in which a bone comes out of its joint is called a
a) conncussion
b) fracture
c) dislocation
d) sprain

What kind of motion is possible with hinge joint?
a) rotating
b) sliding
c) backward or forward
d) side to side

The spaces in bones are filled with a soft connective tissue called
a) blood
b) water
c) cartilage
d) marrow

Which is NOT a function of the skeleton?
a) providing shape and support
b) obtaining oxygen
c) protecting internal organs
d) producing blood cells

Which organ system makes blood cells?
a) skeletal system
b) nervous system
c) circulatory system
d) digestive system

To determine whether a bone is broken, a doctor is most likely to use
a) arthroscopy
b) MRI
c) surgery
d) x-ray images

washing your skin helps prevent
a) skin cancer
b) sunburn
c) chapping
d) acne

Nerves and blood vessels in the skin are located in the
a) pores
b) dermis
c) epidermis
d) canals

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