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To create a duplicate, opposite shape, use the _______________ command.
a) Copy
b) Array
c) Mirror
d) Symmetry

The best weay to create a parallel copy of geometry in your drawing would be using the _________________ command?
a) Stretch
b) Move
c) Trim
d) Offset

Which command breaks a line into two or more independent lines?
a) Break
b) Chamfer
c) Trim
d) Offset

The _____________________ command applies an angled corner to two independent lines.
a) Break
b) Chamfer
c) Trim
d) Offset

The _____________ command allows you to alter the shape of an object, by making it wider or shorter proportionally.
a) Move
b) Stretch
c) Trim
d) Offset

The command that allows lines to be lengthened to a specified line or object is the ____________ command.
a) Extend
b) Draw
c) Offset
d) Fence

Which CAD command creates multiple copies of an object in a circular or rectangular pattern?
a) Rotate
b) Copy
c) Array
d) Chamfer

You would use The _____________ command to combine multiple objects, like lines/arcs into one.
a) Merge
b) Join
c) Break
d) Copy

The following are properties of an object:
a) Layer
b) Color
c) Linetype
d) All of these

In CAD, a ______________ file includes specific units and settings to use to start new drawings by saving a file with a _____________ extension.
a) Template/dwt.
b) Document/.doc
c) Gift/.gif
d) Drawing/.dwg

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