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What caused conflicts in the early 1800s between the United States and the Seminole tribe of Florida
a) tribe refused to leave Florida and attacked U.S military posts
b) tribe refused to support U.S war efforts in 1812
c) tribe aided Spain in its conquest of Florida
d) tribe raided U.S Settlements and aided runaway slaves

President Monroe was concerned when Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821 because he thought that
a) European powers might have backed the revolution
b) Mr. Roderick would give Mexico lunch restriction or a B.I. P
c) European powers might try to colonize new Latin American countries
d) Mexico would now try to overtake some U.S territories

The decisions in the cases of McCulloch v. Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden strengthened the feeling of national unity in the United States by ?
a) reinforcing the power of the federal government
b) it was now understood that 8C and 8E were an outstanding group of 8th grade student s
c) strengthening pride in state governments
d) permitting all Americans to use the same currency

The Cumberland Road was the first U. S road to
a) used bulldozers and steam rollers
b) that reached the Atlanta to Pacific
c) built by the federal government
d) that was limited to commercial use

The winner in the presidential election of 1824 was chosen by the
a) majority of voters
b) electoral college
c) Deadpool, Batman, and the HULK
d) House of Representatives

The _______________ was an official statement released by the president in 1822 that warned European powers not to interfere with the Americas
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Madison Doctrine
c) Drake Doctrine
d) Monroe Doctrine

The ____________________was a period of peace pride and progress in the United States
a) Dougie , Dab , and NE-Ne
b) Era of coolness
c) Second Enlightenment
d) Era of Good Feeling

Hudson River school paintings reflected _____________________
b) discord in America
c) feeling of national pride
d) Division in America

What was the American System
a) letting Robots run the world
b) letting Superheros (hayden) run the world
c) a system of federal projects to make the U.S economically independent
d) agreement with European nations to chill with all of the fighting and war

Monroe Doctrine helped who
a) Russia
b) China
c) Latin America
d) Japan

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