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The _____________ of an object are used to manually move or stretch the object.
a) Handles
b) Grips
c) Dots
d) Object snaps

The ____________ is where you grab an object, also used as its insertion point.
a) Base point
b) Handles
c) Dots
d) Object snaps

Which of the following are object snaps?
a) Midpoint
b) Endpoint
c) Tangent
d) All of the above

After selecting a command, the cursor turns into a __________________.
a) Plus sign
b) Circle
c) Pick box
d) Square

The ________________ function will highlight objects that are completely inside the window andf the _______________ function will highlight objects that are touching the window.
a) Plus sign, Negative sign
b) Cross selection, Window selection
c) Square, Circle
d) Window selection, Cross selection

When you _____________ a layer, you can avoid changing entities on that LAYER, while still being able to see the layer.
a) Freeze
b) Lock
c) Turn off
d) Set the layer as current

To avoid having others change entities on a specific LAYER:
a) Lock the layer
b) Freeze the layer
c) Turn off the layer
d) Set the layer as current

Layer control __________________ of objects in the drawing.
a) Linetype
b) Color
c) Visibility of objects
d) All of these

The ________________ command provides the length of an object but does not place a dimension line on the drawing.
a) Annotate
b) Distance
c) Leader
d) Baseline

The bigger the linetype scale, ______________________.
a) The less repetitions appear on a hidden line.
b) The longer the line will be
c) The more repetitions appear on the hidden line
d) The thicker the line

In a Template file, the user can select ________________ as the units
a) Architectural
b) Engineering
c) Decimal
d) Any of the above

Which CAD command enlarges or reduces selected objects proportionally in the X, Y, and Z directions from a base point?
a) Stretch
b) Scale
c) Array
d) Divide

The command that allows lines to be lengthened to a specified line or object in a CAD drawing is:
a) Trim
b) Offset
c) Extend
d) Fence

The _________________ command is used to round off corners.
a) Trim
b) Chamfer
c) Extend
d) Fillet

The ___________________ command needs a boundary line, arc, or circle to connect to.
a) Extrude
b) Chamfer
c) Extend
d) Fillet

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