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Japanese people lived on coastal plains because most of Japan
a) Has mountainous slopes that are difficult to live on and farm
b) are related to Mr. Roderick
c) is a desert
d) has rivers and lakes that often cause floods

Why was Japan isolated from Korea and China
a) Trade between these nations was forbidden
b) because 7A and 7C are an outstanding group of seventh grade students
c) Japan is seperated by a great wall
d) Japan's island location separated it from other people in Asia

Samurai warriors improved their discipline with flower arranging tea ceremonies, and
a) musical instruments
b) Dougie, Dab , and Ne Ne ing ?????
c) zen Buddhist meditation
d) fishing expeditions

About _________percent of Japan consists of flat land
a) 80
b) 100
c) 5
d) 20

One of the most powerful clans came from ___________, Japan's largest island
a) Honshu
b) Hokkaido

For many years _____________ was the official language of Japan's government
a) Ainu
b) Chinese

Many nobles moved to Heian to be near the _____________
a) Drake
b) kami
c) emperor
d) Thomas the Train

_______________________ was the most important thing in a samurai's life
a) Honor
b) Land
c) Gold chains

_____________became a popular religion among Japan's nobles
a) Confucianism
b) Buddhism

Japanese nobles put aside their differences and united in 1274 to _______________
a) face chat and snap book their BFF's
b) overthrow a corrupt emperor in Heian
c) fight a common enemy , the invading Mongols
d) fight the outbreak of disease

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