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Three of the following simple machines are basically the same. The one that does NOT belong with the group is the ____________________.
a) wheel and axle
b) lever
c) pulley
d) wedge

A fixed pulley that is used to lift a block does which one of the following?
a) doubles the force required to lift the block
b) decreases the force required to lift the block
c) makes the block easier to lift by changing the direction in which you exert the force needed to lift it
d) decreases the force required and changes the direction of the force required

A lever with a mechanical adantage greater than 1 is used to ____________________.
a) change direction
b) increase distance
c) increase force
d) decrease force

The work output of a machine divided by the work input is the _____________ of the machine.
a) efficiency
b) effort
c) power
d) resistance

The number of times a machine increases the input force is the _______________ __________________ of the machine.
a) efficiency factor
b) fulcrum
c) mechanical advantage
d) resistance force

What is a simple machine that moves and can have one or two sloping sides?
a) pulley
b) lever
c) ramp
d) wedge

What is a simple machine that is any rigid rod or plank that pivots, or rotates, about a point?
a) fulcrum
b) lever
c) ramp
d) wedge

A winding mountain road is an example of a
a) wedge
b) lever
c) wheel and axle
d) inclined plane

A machine that changes only the direction of a force has a mechanical advantage of ___.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 10
d) 100

Work is done when a/an ___________ causes an object to move in the same direction that the _____________ is applied.
a) efficiency
b) effort time
c) force
d) power

As an object sinks in a fluid, the buoyant force _______________.
a) increases
b) depends on the shape
c) decrease
d) remains the same

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