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Siberian Plains, Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest all have what in common
a) They are all cold
b) Sparsely populated
c) they are all hot
d) all of the above

Trading empires of AFrica's history traded
a) salt only
b) diamonds only
c) salt and gold
d) bauxite and salt

A traditional society
a) Are native to the area and live with no modern inventions
b) have cars and all the technology they need.
c) are monarchys
d) don't exist today

Ethiopia is on a _______ which is why it was never colonized or settled by the Europeans
a) rain forest
b) desert
c) river
d) plateau

The killing of a single ethnic group is
a) brain drain
b) genocide
c) ok
d) wrong

The Brain drain of Africa
a) isn't real
b) is the leaving of all the educated and professional people for better opportunity in Western nations
c) has helped Africa
d) is the education of all the Africans so they can be better.

What causes human migration?
a) wanting a vacation home
b) political, economic and social factors
c) new shopping malls
d) a new president.

When the Bantu spread their language, it was an example of?
a) diffusion
b) brain drain
c) colonization
d) desertification

A large number of manufacturing plants and people working in them is
a) developed nation
b) newly industrialized nation
c) poor nation
d) shows a lack of skilled labor

Drilling for oil in AFrica's ______ has caused much damage to
a) nile river
b) sahara
c) Niger river delta
d) mt Kilimanjaro

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