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Every student wants to impress ___ professors.
a) his or her
b) their
c) theirs
d) them

Neither Mary nor Susan said that ____ would be there.
a) she
b) he
c) they
d) her

Either Jane or her friends will present ___ project.
a) their
b) her
c) she
d) our

Jan and Jill called ____ friend.
a) their
b) her
c) them
d) hers

Either Bill or John will bring a sample of ____ own work.
a) his
b) their
c) her
d) theirs

Jane and Sarah said ____ were too tired to skate any longer.
a) they
b) he
c) she
d) them

Please tell MARIE AND ANDRE to turn in their homework.
a) them
b) us
c) they
d) we

Hector like to play chess with BEN.
a) him
b) her
c) them
d) us

My dad is taking MICHAEL AND ME to Disneyland!
a) us
b) we
c) him
d) me

KAREN has piano lessons on Tuesdays.
a) She
b) He
c) Her
d) Him

MELINDA AND CHRISTINA enjoy playing soccer.
a) They
b) She
c) He
d) Them

MELINDA AND I are going to the park tomorrow.
a) We
b) Us
c) She
d) They

Give the notebook to PATRICIA.
a) her
b) he
c) she
d) him

JOHN turned off the light before he left the room
a) he
b) him
c) she
d) they

Both John and Jim said that ___ were not exercising regularly.
a) they
b) them
c) he
d) him

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