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What is the speed of a jogger who jogs 600 meters in 45 minutes? Please answer in meters per second. (60 seconds = 1 minute)
a) -.22 m/s
b) .22 m/s
c) 4.5 m/s
d) -4.5 m/s

What is the speed of a boat that travels 150 miles in 2 hours? Please answer in miles per hour.
a) 75 mph
b) 70 mph
c) .0133 mph
d) 30 mph

Which is a vector quantity?
a) . 1.2 meters/second2 east
b) 3.4 feet/hour slowing
c) 10 meters
d) 56 liters

A train takes a long time to stop. That’s what makes trains so dangerous to people who cross the tracks when one is near. If a train is traveling at 30 meters per second south and takes 720 seconds to come to a stop, what is the train’s acceleration?
a) 24 m/s^2
b) -0.042 m/s^2
c) -24 m/s^2
d) .042 m/s^2

A long, vertical glass tube contains a feather and a penny. All the air is pumped out, and the tube is inverted, causing the penny and the feather to fall. Which hits the bottom first, the feather or the penny?
a) The Feather
b) The Penny
c) They hit the bottom at the same time

What is the height of a building (in meters) if it takes a dropped rock 4.1 seconds to fall from its roof?
a) 82.37 meters
b) 20.25 meters
c) 40.18 meters
d) 164.74 meters

A hot-air balloonist drops a rock from his balloon. It takes 7 seconds for the rock to fall to the ground. What is the balloonist’s altitude in feet?
a) 112 feet
b) 784 feet
c) 34.3 feet
d) 2.29 feet

If an object travels for 3 hours with a constant velocity of 12 miles per hour west, what is the acceleration?
a) .25 m/s^2
b) 4 m/s^2
c) 0 m/s^2

A sports car goes from a velocity of zero to a velocity of 12 meters per second east in 2 seconds. What is the car’s acceleration?
a) .17 m/s^2
b) -6 m/s^2
c) 6 m/s^2
d) .17 m/s^2

A car and a truck are traveling north on a highway. The truck has a speed of 45 miles per hour and the car has a speed of 57 miles per hour. If the truck is ahead of the car, what is the relative velocity?
a) -12 m/s North
b) 12 m/s North
c) 102 m/s North
d) -102 m/s North

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