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If you type =Sum(B7+D7) into a cell, which of the following best describes what you have entered?
a) Text
b) Value
c) Formula
d) Labels

Which of the formulas is the correct way to calculate the value of A7 taken from the value of C12?
a) C12-A7
b) =C12-A7
c) A7-C12
d) =A7-C12

If you copy a formula from one cell into another, which type of reference will automatically adjust the cell references based on the new location?
a) Relative References
b) Absolute References
c) Mixed References
d) External Refrences

If you have a cell in your spreadsheet that contains a formula such as =(BudgetUS!B3), what does the BudgetUS represent?
a) Named Range
b) Range
c) Scope
d) External Reference

What do you call it when you reference cells in other sheets in a workbook formula using the sheet name as the reference rather than the cell address?
a) Name Reference
b) Worksheet Reference
c) Sheet Name
d) Calling the Sheet

If you create a spreadsheet with a cell that contains =SUM(Income) What does the (Income) represent?
a) Named Range
b) External Reference
c) Names Manager
d) Scope

How is a cell reference in a formula and its corresponding location in a worksheet identified?
a) Arrows pointing from the formula to the location
b) Cell reference and cell location are circled
c) Cell reference and cell location are outlined in matching colors
d) Lines connect from the formula to the location

What type of formula cell reference instructs Microsoft Excel to keep the cell reference constant in the formula as it copies it to the destination area?
a) Absolute
b) Relative
c) Mixed
d) Unconditional

Which formula divides C3 by C7?
a) C3/C7
b) C7/C3
c) =C3/C7
d) =C7/C3

You need to create a formula that does not change when it is copied to cell E2. Which formula should you create?
a) =$E$1+15
b) =E1+15
c) =1$E$+15
d) =E1:E3

What method is the MOST EFFICIENT way to copy five separate formulas to adjacent cells simultaneously?
a) Copy method from Shortcut Menu
b) Copy using the Fill Handle
c) Copy from the Home Ribbon
d) Copy using the Quick Access Toolbar

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