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a) well meaning / kind
b) angry
c) upset
d) overpowering

a) writing with a pencil
b) old style of fancy penmanship
c) whiting a letter
d) writing with paint

a) a fruit basket
b) a gift
c) floral arrangement
d) a type of clothing

a) excited
b) angry
c) mean
d) sarcastic

a) to wound or injure
b) to hit
c) to fight
d) to yell at

a) estimate
b) exact
c) to cut
d) close

a) a guess
b) a missunderstanding
c) a moment of clarity
d) a time of need

a) angels
b) demons
c) animals
d) pastries

a) glows
b) a candle
c) darkness
d) bright

a) sickly
b) physical strength in good health
c) to be sick
d) to help someone

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