Vocabulary Test 3 Question Preview (ID: 297)

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I have a _________ to do in math today.
a) task
b) show
c) picture
d) lunch

The children were so ________ I could not do my work.
a) quiet
b) bothersome
c) still
d) brave

I was ______________ when the dog bit me on the leg.
a) happy
b) furious
c) kind
d) absent

The skies were _____________ and a storm was coming soon.
a) lovely
b) blue
c) bright
d) overcast

I would like to _____________ a pencil from you for the lesson today.
a) smile
b) break
c) borrow
d) orbit

I went up to the ______________ to find the old costumes for Halloween.
a) basement
b) attic
c) vacant lot
d) hospital

The teacher brags on Sally because she has a ____________ desk area.
a) messy
b) dirty
c) tidy
d) sloppy

Please ____________ the old lady across the street.
a) interrupt
b) smack
c) scare
d) assist

Did the window _____________ when the ball hit it?
a) brake
b) break
c) shine
d) zip

The _____________ child had to go to the office for talking back to the teacher.
a) polite
b) mannerly
c) rude
d) bashful

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