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Why does the inland West receive little rainfall?
a) Hot dry air gets trapped between the Pacific ranges and Rocky Mountains
b) Cool air is kept away by the mountains
c) Cool air flows away from the city

The oldest mountain range in the U.S.
a) Pacific Range
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains

The area where most tornadoes hit in the US is nicknamed _____________.
a) Tornado Alley
b) Tornado Way
c) High Wnd Alley

The horseshoe-shaped area of rocky hills, lakes, and evergreens.
a) Cordillera
b) Canadian Shield
c) Great Plains

The mountain range found on the western side of the country.
a) the Pacific Range
b) the Appalachian Mountains
c) the Rocky Mountains

A volcano is ____________ if it hasn't erupted in thousands of years.
a) erupting
b) active
c) dormant

Where does the Mississippi River begin?
a) Minnesota
b) New Mexico
c) Wisconsin

How do evergreen trees survive bitterly cold winters?
a) waxy needles keep in the moisture
b) waxy needles keep our the moisture
c) blunt needles help the trees stay in place

West of the Continental Divide, rivers flow toward the _____.
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Artic Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean

Which two states are not part of the contiguous 48?
a) Alaska and Florida
b) Hawaii and Alaska
c) Michigan and Ohio

In subarctic climate, winter are_________.
a) long and cold, while summers are long and warm
b) brief and cool, while summers are long and warm.
c) long and cold, while summers are brief and cool.

Which of the following empties into the Atlantic Ocean?
a) the Colorado River
b) the Mississippi River
c) the Rio Grande

Which part of the country once provided food for millions f buffalo?
a) the Great Plains
b) Cordeillera
c) Canadian Shield

Which country is the second-largest in the world?
a) Canada
b) the United States
c) Russia

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