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b) .
c) .
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A manufacturing company is dumping large amounts of industrial waste into a local river. How will the quality of the environment most likely be affected by the waste being dumped into the river?
a) Damage to the environment will occur downstream
b) Damage to the environment will not occur at all
c) Damage to the environment will occur upstream
d) Damage to the environment will occur only at the dumping site

Adding harmful materials to the environment causes_________.
a) corruption
b) gas
c) conservation
d) pollution

Which is an inexhaustible resource?
a) trees
b) wind
c) soil
d) natural gas

Which is a fossil fuel?
a) petroleum
b) aluminum
c) iron
d) oxygen

Teresa's art class uses a lot of paper when doing projects. Her teacher is always careful to collect all of the paper scraps. What should the teacher do with the scrap paper she collects?
a) Bury it in the ground
b) Put it in a burn pile
c) Take it out to the dumpster.
d) Put it in the scrap box to re-use

To reuse or use again is_______.
a) deplete
b) conserve
c) recycle
d) .

Hydroelectric power uses ____________ to generate electricity.
a) Wind
b) Sunlight
c) Water
d) .

a) .
b) .
c) .
d) .

a) ..
b) .

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