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Malaria is a common disease in many countries. What is the cause of this disease?
a) a virus
b) a bacterium
c) a fungus
d) a parasite

How can the rate of an infectious disease be drastically reduced?
a) by taking medication daily
b) by preventing transmission between peopl
c) by wearing clean clothing daily
d) by performing dental hygiene three times each day

Ten people became sick with the flu after attending a school dance. What is the 
scenario that could best explain how the people got sick?
a) contact with environmental sources 

b) contact with an infected animal 

c) contact with a contaminated object 

d) contact with an infected person 

Which is the best way to help prevent the flu from becoming a pandemic?
a) getting a vaccination
b) taking antibiotics
c) eating fruits and vegetables
d) washing hands often

Why do doctors suggest that people get a flu vaccine each year?
a) Viruses replicate more rapidly over time.
b) Viruses can mutate from year to year.
c) Vaccines are absorbed by the body after a year.
d) Vaccines get stronger over time.

A city has an outbreak of a disease that affects an unusually large portion of its population at the same time. Which term best describes the outbreak?
a) pandemic
b) plague
c) epidemic
d) infection

A mosquito can spread the West Nile Virus but remains unaffected by the disease. Which best describes the mosquito?
a) vector
b) parasite
c) mutagen
d) pathogen

Which has made the possibility of an epidemic becoming a pandemic much more likely in the 20th century?
a) increased deforestation
b) increased global travel
c) increased vaccinations
d) increased air pollution

How are quarantines used to slow the spread of an epidemic?
a) Quarantines prevent individuals from eating food that is potentially contaminated.
b) Quarantines allow enough time for antibiotics to take effect in infected individuals.
c) Quarantines keep infected individuals separate so they cannot pass the disease to others.
d) Quarantines keep people inside their homes so that family members can provide care for each other.

Which best compares bacteria and viruses?
a) Bacteria are smaller than viruses.
b) Bacteria cause disease, but viruses do not.
c) Bacteria are living organisms, but viruses are not.
d) Bacteria have genetic material, but viruses do not.

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