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Mixtures are divided into 2 classes. They are
a) compounds and substances.
b) heterogeneous and compounds.
c) homogeneous and heterogeneous.
d) homogeneous and elements.

Matter can be divided into
a) pure substances and mixtures.
b) elements and compounds.
c) elements and mixtures.
d) pure substances and solutions.

If a mixture is uniform (same) throughout, it is
a) heterogeneous.
b) homogeneous.
c) a pure substance.
d) a compound.

Elements are
a) pure substances.
b) made up of only one type of atom.
c) not mixtures.
d) All of these are correct.

A compound is a ________________, made up of two or more elements in a ____________ ratio.
a) pure substance, fixed
b) pure substance, variable
c) mixture, fixed
d) mixture, variable

A glass of Kool-Aid would be considered to be a
a) element.
b) compound.
c) heterogeneous mixture.
d) homogeneous mixture.

Which of the following statements is TRUE of mixtures?
a) They are made up of only one type of atom.
b) Their components are chemically bonded together.
c) Their components are NOT chemically bonded.
d) They cannot be separated.

Matter is defined as
a) anything that has mass.
b) anything that takes up space.
c) anything that has mass and volume.
d) anything on Earth.

Trail mix would be considered to be a
a) element.
b) compound.
c) homogeneous mixture.
d) heterogeneous mixture.

A(n) ________________ is a pure substance made up of only one kind of atom.
a) element
b) compound
c) mixture
d) solution

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