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What did marine fossils discover on a Canadian mountaintop tell scientists?
a) Marine species once lived on land
b) The rocks on the mountaintop were once below the ocean's surface
c) The rocks had probably been moved
d) The rocks had probably eroded

Which of the following do geologists used to date rock layers?
a) trace fossils
b) molds
c) index fossils
d) casts

What is tilting?
a) an intrusion
b) a form of erosion
c) folding of rock layers
d) slanting of rock layers

Which word best describes the geologic column?
a) ralative
b) ideal
c) absolute
d) complete

Which era ended with the largest mass extinction in Earth's history?
a) Paleozoic
b) Mesozoic
c) Cenozoic
d) Proterozoic

What do scientists think may have caused dinosaurs to become extinct?
a) climate change
b) competition from mammals
c) disappearance of prey
d) competition between dinosaurs

What does a scientist need to know to figure out the absolute age of a rock?
a) the rate of decay for all elements in the rock
b) the rate of decay for radioactive element in the rock
c) the half-life of a radioactive sample
d) the rate of decays of the rocks half-life

How do geologists use the geologic time scale?
a) to divide Earth's history into managable parts
b) to date rock layers
c) to predict future extinction events
d) to record catastrophes

What can animal tracks tell about the animal that left them?
a) what the animal ate
b) how big it was
c) its color
d) its mating habits

What can scientist learn from studying the relationships between fossils?
a) how paleontology has changed
b) how life has changed
c) how science has changed
d) how the geologic column has changed

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