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I'm going to _______ St. Patrick's party.
a) Mrs.Jones's
b) Mrs. Jones
c) Mrs. Joness
d) Mrs. Joness'

The German Shepard is known for_____ police work.
a) Its'
b) It's
c) Its's
d) Its

Why are Coach ______ so popular?
a) purseses
b) purses
c) purse's
d) purses'

Where is the _____leash?
a) dog's
b) dogs
c) dogs'
d) dogs's

Are the _____ coming to dinner?
a) Hemsworth's
b) Hemsworths's
c) Hemsworths
d) Hemsworthes

_____ below freezing outside.
a) It's
b) Its
c) Its'
d) Its's

These ______ are too small for me.
a) shorts'
b) shorts
c) short's
d) shortes

Is this _______ suit?
a) Deadpools
b) Deadpools'
c) Deadpools's
d) Deadpool's

None of these _____ are what I'm looking for.
a) dress'
b) dresses'
c) dresses
d) dress's

The golf club is in _____ bag.
a) It's
b) Its
c) Its'
d) Itses

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