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Based On 5th Grade Fusion Science Florida Standards.[print questions]

Which statement is true of the large blood vessel called the aorta?
a) It carries blood to the heart.
b) It carries blood to the lungs.
c) It carries blood that is high in oxygen.
d) It carries blood that is high in carbon dioxide.

Cells in the body use nutrients and oxygen for energy. Which body system transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body?
a) nervous system
b) vascular system
c) digestive system
d) musculatory system

What is the process called in which a butterfly goes from egg to larvae (caterpillar) to pupa (Chrysalis) to adult (butterfly)?
a) digestion
b) a life cycle
c) a food chain
d) photosynthesis

Which human body system is similar to a plant's vascular system?
a) circulatory system
b) respiratory system
c) muscular system
d) skeletal system

How do nutrients in digested food reach the bloodstream?
a) They are absorbed by the large intestine.
b) They pass from the esophagus into the blood.
c) They are absorbed into the bloodstream by the small intestine.
d) They are absorbed into the bloodstream through the pancreas wall.

Fish get oxygen from water through their gills. They also use their gills to release carbon dioxide. Which organ in humans is similar to fish gills?
a) heart
b) lungs
c) intestine
d) mouth

Animals have body coverings, such as skin, to protect them from extreme temperatures and to blend in with its environment to avoid predators. Which animal has a body covering that best protects it from bites and scratches during a predator's attack?
a) deer
b) earthworm
c) flamingo
d) turtle

As an arm bends, which word describes what the muscles in the arms, the Triceps and Biceps, would be doing
a) relaxing
b) retracting
c) constricting
d) contracting

Great white sharks can sense electrical impulses from great distances with a sense called electroreception. Which statement best describes the sense of electroreception?
a) the ability to smell blood in very small amounts
b) the ability to sense nerve impulses produced by another creature's movement
c) the ability to hunt underwater for long periods of time
d) the ability to cause pain to prey by producing electric impulses

An ant's antennae sense temperature and pressure. Which human structure serves the same function?
a) skin
b) olfactory bulb
c) taste bud
d) rods and cones

In the early days of telephone use, there were no computers. To make a call, a person had to call an operator. The operator would connect two callers. The operator performed a function that is most similar to which human body part?
a) brain
b) nose
c) eyes
d) skin

Manatees have whiskers. Manatees use their whiskers to sense their environment. When the whiskers touch an object, a message is sent to the manatee's brain. Which statement best describes what is happening?
a) Neither the integumentary nor the nervous system is involved.
b) Only the integumentary system is involved.
c) Both the integumentary and nervous systems are working together.
d) Only the nervous system is involved.

A group of students are exploring a cave. Their flashlight's battery runs out of power. They must wait for another group to catch up with them. In the meantime, which of their senses has become nearly useless?
a) hearing
b) sight
c) smell
d) touch

During recess, Renae scraped her knee, so the nurse put a bandage on it. Which of the following functions normally provided by skin is now being provided by the bandage?
a) preventing dehydration
b) regulating body temperature
c) keeping bacteria out of the body
d) sensing when it is being touched

Urine is a product of the urinary system. What makes up normal human urine?
a) oxygen
b) nutrients
c) water and waste products
d) all the fluids a person drinks

Insects have a hard outer covering called an exoskeleton. Which process is a function of an insect's exoskeleton and a human's skeletal system?
a) gas exchange
b) structural support
c) removal of waste
d) temperature control

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