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If a trilobite was buried by ocean sediment, it would leave a cavity, or a(n)
a) trace fossil
b) mold
c) cast
d) index fossil

What process involves the comparison of rock layers with others in a sequence to determine its age?
a) radioactive decay
b) radiometric dating
c) relative dating
d) absolute dating

Which of the following is the largest division of geologic time?
a) eon
b) epoch
c) era
d) period

Erosion is one of the major causes of the missing rock layers, known as
a) superposition
b) unconformities
c) the geologic column
d) tilting

A fossil used to date surrounding rock layers is called a(n)
a) index fossil
b) mold
c) cast
d) trace fossil

To determine the most accurate and precise age of Earth's oldest rocks, geologists would use
a) relative dating
b) the uranium-lead method
c) the carbon-14 method
d) index fossils

Which of the following is a trace fossil?
a) a mark left by a dinosaur's tail
b) a mosquito trapped in amber
c) a mummified plant seed
d) a frozen woolly mammoth

How many years of the history of Earth do geologists study?
a) 5,000 years
b) 1,000 years
c) 2.5 million years
d) 4.6 million years

Which of the following processes always occurs at a steady rate?
a) erosion
b) decay of organic matter
c) sediment deposition
d) radioactive decay

The phrase "younger over older" could be used to remember the principle of
a) absolute dating
b) geologic columns
c) unconformaties
d) superposition

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